'Deadlier Than...' (Kit Buss variant cover)

Corey Brotherson
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What people are saying about 'Deadlier Than...':

"A magical blend of futuristic science-fiction and other-worldly fantasy featuring bad ass female characters, 'Deadlier Than...' captures a certain essence fans of 'Monstress' and 'Descender' are sure to enjoy." - Heather Antos (editor of Marvel's 'Star Wars')

“Deadlier Than immerses you in a collection of intriguing lives... there is a glaring common theme between these stories, which is personal growth and self-reliance, strength, wisdom and allowing yourself to be Enough.” - Leah Moore (co-writer of 'Conspiracy of Ravens'; and 'Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Vanishing Man') 

"Pilot stories launching towards a brighter comics future." - Kieron Gillen (writer of 'DIE'; 'The Wicked + The Divine')

“A cracking read and well worth picking up.” - Barry Nugent (Geek Syndicate co-founder, and creator of the Unseen Shadows universe)  

This special variant version of Deadlier Than... features a brand new, original cover by Kit Buss.

Click on the round notches on the above images to enjoy a short preview of each story, and one of the included pin-ups by artist Megan Bradbury


Welcome to the captivating universe of Deadlier Than…’, a collection of four women focused sci-fi/fantasy tales created by some of the best and upcoming creators in the indie scene – with stories drawn by Jennie Gyllblad (Skal; Vigor Mortis) and Olivia Samson (Critical Role: Vox Machina Origins) collaborating with Ted Brandt (Mighty Captain Marvel; CROWDED) and Kit Buss (Critical Role: Season 1; Cloven: Bloodlines); all written by Corey Brotherson (Magic of Myths; Clockwork Watch).

This comic book and prose anthology also features incredible pin-up artwork from nine talented artists, including Mikiko (Crash ‘n’ Burn; Traces of the Great War) and Megan Bradbury (The Chronicles of Exandria Vol. II: The Legend of Vox Machina; Clockwork Watch: Evolution).

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  • A graphic novel

  • A graphic novel
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'Deadlier Than...' (Kit Buss variant cover)

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